Friday, July 17, 2009

The Woman and the Sea

The waves crashed into the cliffside, echoing
through the vast network of tunnels that existed in the
water-worn earth, making their own thunder. Clouds in the
distance boiled, dark with anticipation, ready to send
ships reeling into the sharp rocks below. A stiff breeze,
laden with the scent of salt, gusts throught the predawn
sky, causing the trees to grow bent from the constant and
unsurmountable wind.
On the edge stood a lone woman; a blond, wearing a
whit dress, plastered too her skin from the wind, her hair
blowing our behind her like a banner. In her crossed
hands she held a single olive branch. She wore no shoes,
her feet touching the bare earth with every movement.
As she approahes the cliff, she pauses for a moment,
looking out at the sea. Here she stood, just for a m
moment; a woman on the brink of sea and land, chaos and or
der, light and dark.
Then, she jumped.