Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arachni-what? for +Ayoub Khote

The world can be a deceptive place.

The man stood looking down into a small pit. He was staring at something; a small building. And by small, I mean it barely came up to his knees. He wouldn't have believed it had he not seen it; but there it was, teeming with small, arachnid life. It had happened overnight: he knew, because the previous day he had spent gardening, and now he had a tiny skyscraper in his back yard.

What? he thought to himself, shaking his head. Intelligent spiders? They've formed a colony, they're

He could even hear tiny voices shouting orders.

He thought about it. What had caused such a sudden, drastic change in the local insect life? What was different?

He looked over at his garden. There was nothing unusual; not really. A few ferns, a bush or two, but...

A plant was missing.

It was small and innocent; a purple flower growing on a stiff stem. He had bought it for a discount price at the local Wal Mart. It had been unidentified.

Surely not...

He looked down at the strange obstruction again, and the insects.

Some of them were chewing on violet petals, sitting on stems as they chatted to one another.

He sighed. "Great. The wife is going to love this..."

Time: 13:11