Saturday, November 19, 2011

Continuum for +Azmaria Dei Post

Alexandria stood alone in the rain, looking out at the crowd but really only paying attention to one man. She was thinking.

Should she kill him?

It shouldn't be that complicated a a question. she thought to herself.

But it was. He had a family, a life, a home. He didn't know what he would do, what he would have to do; he could not see the ripples as they spread down the continuum.

Unfortunately, she could. She sighed. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place; if she killed him, especially now, the world would be led into a string of wars that would bring about poverty for the entire race for centuries. If she let him live, he would create a weapon that would result in the destruction of life itself.

She had considered simply talking to him, but she also knew what follies that would lead to. He could come by the equation faster, or he could never come by it at all and his son or grandson, who both follow in their father's footsteps, will; and at that time, she may not be around to see it.

What would she do? What would his child do? Or his children? She could see, of course; but it was only glimmers, that history; it was changing even now.

If he died, his wife would mourn and over the years life would keep getting worse. If he lived, it would be destroyed.

So, which was worse? Poverty or destruction? Misery or...nothing? She could not make up her mind.

And so she waited, she watched, and she hoped.

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