Friday, August 10, 2012

Touched by Adam Boenig

Image by Angela of mommy bytes
     The old tree stood tall and proud, jutting from the side of the knoll, leaning out with it's twisted limbs reaching for the sky. Over the years, it had provided shade for lovers, food and homes for various animals, and a landmark and firewood for many a weary traveler.
     But now, it was time to die. As deep as its roots dug, there was nothing more in the drained soil. The rains had not fallen for too long, and the sun beat down too harsh. Much of the surrounding plant-life was brown and brittle and even the squirrels that had chittered among its branches had moved on or died.
     The old tree would die gracefully, and graciously, having seen more of life than any animal would have the opportunity. It stood, waiting, it's life ebbing, and yet its roots still dug, as though reaching for the center of the earth; in search of that life that kept the dirt gragrant and dark and kept the world turning. Perhaps, in search of meaning.
    And then they felt something. It was glorious; it was warrm; it was untapped. Deep below, where few dared to tread and even the old tree had spent centuries reaching. It was revitalizing.
    The this new element slowly climbed up the weak roots, they began to feel stronger. Up the trunk , to the branches, where leaves began to sprout and flowers to bloom; something it had never considered, as it was not suppose to be a blooming tree; but that was not where the changes ended. The entirety of its being began to glow a flurescent white, and it became self aware.
     With a single thought, a simple desire, the earthen knoll became fertile once more. Rain began to fall. Soon, all the animals that had left returned to the valley, and the seedlings laying dormant in the soil began to sprout once more.  The guardian tree looked on, and it new in this moment that it was not going to die; nor, was it likely too as long as the earth remained.
     And he saw that it was good.