Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Ones

Humanity is, by nature, a curious race. We find new things, we study them, we take them apart, we figure out what makes them tick. Sometimes, we find things that, although taken for granted, we cannot explain.

Our mere existence is one such thing.

There are supporters of evolution, who say we evolved from monkeys. There is no solid evidence to back this claim. There are also those who say that we were born from mud and clay, molded by the hands of God and given life through His breath. There is also no solid evidence for this claim.

Still, does it matter where we came from? We are here. We sprang forth, somehow, and over time we met. We gathered together at seemingly random points on our increasingly shrinking world, forming families, villages, towns, clans, cities, countries. We were content in our existence of askance, of philosophy and science.

Until they happened.

What were they, you might ask? They were tall, pale beings with golden eyes;  things that sprung forth from human loins, were birthed to human men and women, who spoke as humans do and thought as humans do; and, research suggested, they had human DNA; but still, they were somehow not human.
And they were increasing in number.

Over the next several years, societies sprang up. Some were frightened and wished their destruction while they were still in their youth; others desired their protection, saying that they were the next step in human evolution. Many were murdered in the purge; they did not fight back, their smile never leaving their faces, young and old alike.

When asked what they they thought, the New Ones, man and child alike, would simply smile and say, "You will see."

Over time, they became accepted; a part of human culture. People began looking to them for guidance; these beatific creatures who had come to live among us. They asked about the weather and the future. The New Ones, who had yet to name themselves (and seemed to lack interest in such), would answer honestly or simply state that they could not.

When they did answer, it always came to pass.

Many years later, they began to gather. No one really noticed; they saw one passing, and they would smile, for this new race had become a boon to humanity. They smiled and waved, eating foods grown on crops that were fruitful thanks to their predictions, and riding on vehicles that produced no pollutants thanks to their guidance.

Before anyone realized, they had formed groups in the centers of various cities and towns. They sat and waited.

They watched with a strange calm as the earth quaked around them. The cities, with all their inhabitants, rose into the air, hovered for a moment, and then disappeared.

These New Ones were not seen again, and no one knows where they disappeared to; but, as to myself, I like to think that the cycle had begun once more: humans seeding new planets, meeting, waging war, populating, improving, and eventually having strange children who would lead them into new worlds.