Friday, December 17, 2010

Hammock on a Cliff in the Spring Rain #5MinuteVacation

For best effect:

The sparse clouds are full and heavy, spreading a light spring rain on the cliffside. A lonely pair of trees grace the top, strun between them a hammock, allowing a view over a gently surging ocean. Int the distance, the sun slowly rises, painting the sky with oranges and reds, reflected on the ocean.
Laying down on the hammock, you can feel a breeze, smell the scent of the rain mixed with that of the distant trees and the salty ocean. The wind blows gently, brushing your cheeks and your bare skin as you lay, gently rocking the hammock as the warm droplets hit your skin. You are slowly cooled and warmed alternatingly as the large, fluffy cumulus move across the sun.
As the sky slowly fades from red to orange and finally blue, the sun catches the falling droplets and the grass, causing them to sparkle. Light refracts from the distance, and a rainbow can be seen forming.