Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Unusual Accident for +Abi Grey

It had been a long day at the coffee shop, and she had had to close. When she finally locked the door, her feet were killing her and she was ready to climb into bed.

She walked across the parking lot, the snow glistening and her shoes getting moist from the water collected on the asphalt. She unlocked her door, opening it and using the switch inside to unlock all four, opening the back door and taking off her apron and throwing it in. Slamming it shut, she climbed into the front driver seat. Her car started on the first try. She slammed it into reverse, backing out a bit faster than she should have and driving out of the parking lot.

She turned on the radio after a few minutes; she wanted the sound, needed it to keep her mind awake and sharp. It blasted out the latest pop hits; she barely listened, had no interest. The curves of the mountain road and the trees seemed to hypnotize her; but, at least she was awake.

Her car hit something with a thud. Her eyes snapped wide open as she hit the breaks. She sat in the car, breathing slow, steady breaths, and looking in the mirror.

It looked like a man.

What is he doing out here? she wondered.

And then he moved. it was just slight movement, but it was enough. She got out of the car, ran up to him.

"Are you okay?" she asked, getting out her cell phone. "I'll call someone, we'll get you to the..."

But she stopped as he groaned, her eyes adjusting to the pale moonlight. She wasn't sure she trusted them, but here it was; the small horns, the furry legs, the hooves.

Who does one call when one hits a satyr?