Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anthropology for +Marc Jensen

"And this is the Great God Molokai!" announced the tour director, pointing to the blocky, colorful figure in the leaf costume. "He was the Ancient God of Construction and Road Rage."

"I've read about him!" piped up a small child.

The crowd gathered  on the polished floor in front of the strange idol. They had come here on a field trip, so most were small with an adult or two to keep an eye on the children.

"O? What did you read?"

"Well, I read that a long time ago, people had these things... like imaginary friends! And they would talk to them and ask them for advice."

"That's right. Did you also know that they built giant buildings called 'skyscrapers' to him?"

They were all listening intently, especially the small child.

"O yes! No one knows how they did it. The going theory is that they had giant birds back then, capable of being domesticated and trained to lift these heavy stones. The birds would have had to be able to lift tons of rock though! Isn't that amazing?"

"And what were these birds called?"

"Swallows!" replied the man, grinning broadly. "Their ability to lift and carry large objects is well documented in an ancient record, which also states that Frenchmen, a strange subspecies of human, disliked Kings."

"What else does it say?"

"It also says that Sir Lancelot, a saint of the time, had a favorite color. It was blue; and so, blue was considered the holiest of colors by this ancient race. In combination with red and white it was considered particularly good luck."

He smiled, gesturing to the next platform. "Moving right along, over here is a portrait of the great Saint Gaga and her many, many psalms of truth and love..."