Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sacrifice for +Andrea P

The world never made sense, diid it? it was only an
illusion, a falsehood, a thin veneer of reality that fell
down over your eyes when you were young, put there by
generation after generation of humanity, convinced at
their own superiority.

She kneeled down, looking at his grave. She had been in
the car that night; she had seen everything. The truck
crashed into them from the intersectioin, the smashing of
the frame, the screaming. And then there was blood; so
much blood...

And here she was, weeping over his grave like a lost
child; for that was, indeed, what she was. She gets up,
wiping the tears from her eyes on her wrists, and walks

That night, sleep doesn't come easilly. In her mind, she
sees the crash over and over in her head; a stark
reminder. She hears the screaming, the crash, the
crunches; and then he is there, looking at her, his eyes

"It should have been you."

No, no no no. The voices screamed their denial deep in
her mind.

"Yes." he answered, looking down at her. "It is your
fault. You want to know why?"

"Why are you tellilng me this?" she cried, her voice
echoing in the empty space of her mind. "Why?"

"I'm supposed to be alive, Carrie." he answered. "But you
killed me."

"No!" she covered her ears. "That was an accident!"

"You wanted it to happen."

She stopped. Of course she had wished it on him several
times; why? Because he had been horrible. He had done
things to her. Terrible, terrible things.

All she had really wanted was to get away.

"Yes." he answered. "And instead, I'm dead. You did it.
You killed a man."

"I didn't kill anyone!"

"It's okay." he smiled. "I forgive you."


"O yes. I was a horrible person. Now It's all better.
Here, let me show you my world! I'm so happy now..."

They found her the next morning. She had thrown herself
off the top of the apartment building, dying with a
strange,k peaceful smile upon her face.

348 words, 15 minutes